About Us

OBOR GbmH was founded in 2015 in Germany and has since been suppling its customers with spare parts and components from Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and other European countries in the areas of hydraulic, pneumatic, industrial automation technology. We offer our customers a complete service, starting from quotation preparation up to the delivery.​ Whether you are a retailer, a manufacturer or an end user, OBOR GmbH aims to fulfill your requirements for simplifying your purchase process, as well as significantly reduce and optimize your costs. Our mission is to listen to our client’s specific needs and deliver high performance products through continuous product innovation and operational excellence. We carry not only components and spare parts but also technological solutions.

8 years

Experiences in industrial fields


Reliable European Suppliers


Managed Industrial Products

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Our Core Services


Favorable Pricing

OBOR has been working together with manufacturers for a long time, so we are always able to get our customers better prices and payment terms.


Supplier Verification and QC

OBOR helps its customers to ensure they’re working with a quality factory that will make a quality product.


Better Communication

With multilingual staff, we help our customers to avoid culture differences and communication gaps which sometimes leads to disastrous results.